Monday, October 27, 2014

Open up; Share

Beginning in the fall of 1940 and extending through the summer of 1959 Monday mornings were to be dreaded, for I had to respond to the signal to begin another week of school, or I had to punch the time clock and put myself at the behest of the employer.  (This did not apply, or course, during the wonderful summer months during the school years, three glorious months of parole.)

Beginning in mid-August of 1959 I started teaching youngsters in the public schools of Indiana.  For the next 31 years, Monday mornings signalled the beginning of another week of adventure and excitement in the world of education.   (Except, of course, during the long summer months when supplemental employment had to fill in to provide food and shelter until school resumed.)

Now, for the past 24 years, Monday morning is just another morning.

Hi, I'm vanilla.  Howya doin'?  What color is your mood ring on Monday morning?


Jim Grey said...

It's directly related to how well and long I slept over the weekend, making up for insufficient sleep all week.

I like what I do for a living, so if I wake up grumpy on a Monday, it's not because I dread going to the office.

vanilla said...

Jim, may I then infer that your mood on Monday morning is dependent upon whether or not you had too much fun over the weekend? ;-)
Thanks for sharing.

Vee said...

Since retirement - green.

Grace said...

I'm really tired this morning - sleepy-tired and physically tired. Because hubby was away I did all the heavy housework Sunday and that takes a toll on my back. Went to bed early last night, didn't sleep well and was up early so I could get the laundry done (not having my own washer and dryer was a huge compromise when we bought this place - a compromise I will never make again - we need to move!) Being both kinds of tired leaves me a tad grumpy and I'm not used to being grumpy any more! On the plus side it is a gorgeous sunny day - tomorrow the temp is supposed to be 80! It's 10:15am and I can't decide whether to shower and dress or go back to bed.

Aren't you glad you asked...?

Secondary Roads said...

I don't have a mood ring, and never did have one. So I'm not sure about the colors. I woke feeling a bit orange, which for me means warm and comfortable, happy and content.

Sharkbytes said...

Mood rings don't seem to work on me. I think my skin is too cold. Monday is sort of my day off, currently. Although today is packed. However it's all stuff at home and I don't even have to get dressed.

vanilla said...

Vee, green is good. I think.

Chuck, orange, as you interpret it, is good.

Sharkey, you don't need a ring to know that your Mondays are normally good.

vanilla said...

Grace, I am glad you asked. It gave you an opportunity to share your Monday. I sometimes feel the pain of lost sleep, and I definitely know the aggravation of having to haul laundry off-site. (Texas, in the winter.) But we are blessed to have our own machines here in the back hall. Pretty small for a laundry room, but handy.