Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Televangelism and the Written Word

I don't much watch television preachers.  I am likely to spend the time I might have done reading after bloggers who put their sermons and messages in writing and share with any who will read.  A few examples of writers in this realm whom I consider worthy of reading would include Matt, and Sarah, and Ken.

My reasons for avoiding most tv ministers are my own.  I see nothing to be gained by criticizing men and women who are engaged in the activity.  I encourage discernment and wisdom in selecting those with whom you spend your time and from whom you receive spiritual guidance.

I do, though, occasionally take time to watch that little white haired Louisiana dandy, Jesse Duplantis.  I watch him for the pure entertainment value of his presentation, and sometimes there is a bonus of enlightenment.  The man is funny.  The man could well have made his livelihood as a comedian, had he chosen the secular field of endeavor.

Once in a great while, and when there is nothing else on the Sunday afternoon tube, nothing other than football, that is, I will tune in to see what Freddy Price is on about.  That 's entertainment, too.

Disclaimer:  The mention of these ministers, whether bloggers or televangelists, is in no wise to be construed as an endorsement of their theologies or viewpoints.  I have already suggested wisdom and discernment.

As he told it:

Jesse:  Let me tell you something!
Cathy (Mrs. D): You listen to me.  I am not that naive little girl you married thirty-nine years ago!
Jesse:  I miss her.
Cathy:  She's dead!

Truth: His sermon on spousal interactions was excellent.  Oh, vanilla, do learn from it.

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