Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Still Waiting

The Chicago Cubs defeat the Detroit Tigers, 2-0, clinching the World Series. It was 1908.  It was their second consecutive World Championship as they had won the series in 1907 against the Tigers.  The Cubs have subsequently played in seven Series, the most recent in 1945.  Yet no win in 106 years.  

Wait 'til next year!

I usually come awake to the baseball season around the first of October.  This year, though, I have no idea who will be playing in the World Series.


Vee said...

The game was rained out here last night. People in our area are very excited and hoping the Royals will be in the World Series. After the strike and the huge increase for tickets and parking, I lost all interest in baseball.

Grace said...

What is this series of the world of which you speak?

Secondary Roads said...

In my opinion, people who like watching baseball would love watching snail races. Your mileage may vary.

vanilla said...

Vee, those who might have become baseball fans have been priced out. I think the last time I paid for major league tickets they were seven bucks.

Grace, yes, I know. You are not a fan.
Neither are we.

Chuck, I think it was Someone who once said that baseball is long stretches of sheer boredom interspersed infrequently with brief bursts of frenetic activity. Or something like that.