Friday, July 13, 2012


Image Versailles State Park:  IN DNR website.

Yes, this post was planned to be a report on our wonderful camping experience at Versailles State Park.  This is what happens sometimes when one plans ahead.  We did not make it.  I am sitting in my living room having just returned from the doctor's office.  And the drugstore.

Monday as we were prepping to go, I just felt crappy.  Not really sick-sick, but a two-hour drive just didn't appeal to me.  Good thing, too, because my headache got increasingly more intense throughout the day, and by the time I went to bed after the local news, I had a pretty hot little fever, and by 1:30 I was more or less delirious.  I was lying in bed singing in such a loud voice that BBBH came upstairs to find out what was "wrong with me."  I just wanted to sing.

More than enough of that.  Please forgive me for too much about my hurts; and please forgive me for boring you.


Shelly said...

Oh my! I certainly hope you are feeling better and the fever has gone down! Please keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

I trust it is not something horrible and that you recover quickly and easily - yet an illness that causes one to sing loudly in bed seems interesting...

Chuck said...

Sorry you are feeling hurty. :(

Hope you snap back quickly.

Vee said...

Feel better soon! Since you are all practiced up, maybe you can sing a solo for me when I come to see you.

Lin said...

Uh oh, I sure hope you are feeling better SOON!! We can't have you scaring the neighbors and torturing your gal with all that singing! ;)

vanilla said...

Shelly, Saturday morning: first cup of coffee in five days. That is a good sign!

Grace, I am one of those whiny people, aka guys, who does not suffer illness without whimper and complaint. I appreciate your concern for my well-being, but breathe a prayer for BBBH, too!

Chuck, is there a tunnel so dark that there be no light at its end?
I believe I have seen a ray of light this morning, so while I cannot honestly proclaim myself well, I think I am on the mend!

Vee, oh, really. I finally get you to visit me, then I drive you away with my caterwaulering?

Lin, thanks for the good wishes. Don't think I'll bother the neighbors; this house is pretty soundproof. BBBH is standing in the need of prayer, though. ;-)