Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ugliest Corner

Jefferson at Ash

Southwest corner
Northwest corner
Northeast corner
Southeast corner

Why, you might ask, would I designate this an ugly corner?
This corner could be found in any of a thousand towns across the Midwest.
It has no character; but that's commerce.


Grace said...

Yeah, but you know - it's clean!

Vee said...

Unfortunately, this is how it is in most towns now. I'm old enough to remember when businesses were in storefronts and "blended" into the design of the area. In order for Walmart to build in one of the mountain towns out here, they were required to abandon the warehouse look, use materials approved for local commercial buildings, and do extensive landscaping. Despite all of that, it's still easily recognized as a Walmart.

vanilla said...

Grace, good call. We are blessed to live in a clean town.

Vee, these days one must go to the perimeter of the town in order to “go to town.”