Monday, July 30, 2012

Prepping for the Sunday Drive

Desiccated and sere a blob of bird poop right here
in the center of the windshield.
The bucket, rag and soap; now it’s clean, for good we hope.
Wring the rag, swirl the pail, toss the water in the grass.
Awk! What iridescent flash o’er my head did I see pass?
Grackle Bomber in a dive on the scene does now arrive.
*           *             *
Dead-center hit.
The windshield again besmeared with it.
The End


Shelly said...

Haaaa! Laughing in recognition- spot on (no pun intended...)

Secondary Roads said...

Quoth the grackle, "Evermore!"

Rebecca said...

HAHA I like Chuck's comment.

vanilla said...

Shelly, a laugh to start your school year. "spot on": Let's call it a double entendre.

Chuck, exactly, and true so far as I have been able to observe to date.

Rebecca, too right; and as Shelly said, "spot on."

Pearl said...

Grackle Bomber!

I'm going to work that into conversation today.


p.s. And yes: you ARE someone's weirdo. :-)

vanilla said...

Pearl, it is an apt and accurate description.

p.s. Thanks for the reassurance and vote of confidence. :-)