Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Typing, Modern Style

Now back to the keyboard.
Using that old "Royal" is an immense pain, given that I am years into the simplicity of the computer keyboard.

The second typrwriter story of the week came up on Monday when I checked into Down the Road. Jimgrey wrote that the computer saved his career as a writer, for had it been necessary to continue with handwriting or typewriting, he would have given it up.

So, I got out Dad's machine, Royal portable, circa 1940. (I wonder if I could study the serial number and search its bona fides?) I typed the above sample, which was a reminder of how much I appreciate modern technology, my Luddite pretenses notwithstanding!

In some earlier postings, I have discussed handwriting and typing.


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Brewer, my shriveled-up old typing teacher, would have put a fat red mark across your page and given you a zero for that strikeover!

Thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

And remember how excited we were when electric typewriters came out? Oy - once again the good old days quite often weren't ...

Secondary Roads said...

I remember my ancient Royal and how nice it was to trade up to an Olympia portable. Best of all was the IBM Selectric with the changeable type balls. I had a nice collection of them.

Vee said...

I remember when Dad got that typewriter - I'm sure it is as old as it seems. Maybe if we had no exclamation point on our computers it would not be so overused!!!

Rebecca Mecomber said...

Hoh boy do I remember those old days! And I'm only in my 40's! I loved pounding away on my mother's typewriter.

I found a wonderful old (and ancient) Remington years ago. I was a dunce and gave it away-- should have kept it for old times' sake.

I must say, however, that I do not miss using the old typewriters. I like my cushy computer keyboard. It's much easier on my wrists. And OH the JOY of the "backspace" key! ;)

vanilla said...

Jim, Miss Phelps would have done the same. What was with those typing teachers? My excuse for this recent effort is that my fingers don't fit the keyboard.

Grace, I never "got with" electric. I went from manual to computer keyboard.

Chuck, got my secretary a Selectric, but I never used it.

Vee, you are right about the overuse of the exclamation point. Do you remember when Dad got his electric?

Rebecca, I junked an old Underwood upright that came from a school. Caps on all the keys so they were all blank. The computer backspace has improved immensely the quality of my work.

Vee said...

I don't remember when Dad got his electric, but I remember that he didn't like it as well as his old standby.

vanilla said...

ps. I researched the Royal Arrow and find it was introduced in 1941 and supplanted by newer models shortly after WWII.