Friday, October 21, 2011


Ever heard of kerning? Me, neither.

You graphics artists and typesetters out there will think this silly, because I am sure this was one of the first things you learned as you started the pursuit of your art. I stumbled across this concept on the internet, and as I was pursuing it a bit, just to satisfy the curiosity, you know, I found this website done by Mark McKay in which one can practice kerning skills.

I hope you don't find this too addictive.

btw, on my first attempt, I hit 100% on three of the ten examples, though my overall score at 78 was less than stellar.
Eyeball update: Yesterday the surgeon officially pronounced my vision "better than it was before we started." I already knew that. Also, he removed the stitch and said he would see me in a month.


Anonymous said...

Great game. I did know about kerning; I worked in publishing for a while a number of years ago.

Secondary Roads said...

I too know about kerning (and leading). The link did not work for me.

Glad to hear your good news.

Anonymous said...

The link doesn't work for me either and while I have come across the word kern I have no idea what it is...Good news about the eye.

vanilla said...

Jim, don't play at it too long.

Chuck, the link didn't work on my Explorer, but I have Chrome on my desktop.

Grace, kerning is, as I understand it, simply aligning letters in type-setting for maximum eye-appeal.

Sharkbytes said...

Art student since HS- yup, I know about kerning. (and kerfing too)

Vee said...

Great news about your eye!

vanilla said...

Shark, you are so knowledgeable about so many things. (Which is one reason I follow "My Quality Day."}

Vee, thank you!