Thursday, October 6, 2011

Funny Redux

[This is pulled up from a year ago for two reasons. First, it is a reminder to self that this is not a humor blog; and second, it refers you once again to some places where you can find legitimate funny.]

I cancelled yesterday's post because upon reflection and a last-minute rereading I realized that whereas I intended it to be funny, it was just pathetic. Puerile. Lame. Juvenile.

There are several humorous bloggers on my to-read list. They make me laugh. They make me wish I could make you laugh. But here's the thing. While I have a sense of humor and very much enjoy reading funny stuff, I am not a funny writer. It looks so easy, too, when one is reading Pearl, or Jon, or Jana, or JennyMac. Leigh is funny, and so is Crotchety.
But I'm not funny.

Still, I enjoy funny.

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