Wednesday, October 26, 2011

In the Paper

Tuesday morning when I went to the post office I found the demolition had progressed to this point. Two days in a row we made the front page of the local paper, this time below the fold. No, I have no journalistic aspirations, but I will continue to carry a camera with me.

About two in the afternoon I made a couple of grilled cheese-and-ham sandwiches, after which we decided that since, in all likelihood, this would be the last warm day we would have until, oh, until we go to Texas, we would take a nice scooter ride. We put in about twenty miles and scared ourselves only once.

It was a fantastic afternoon, mid-seventies, wind from the south. Oh, why can this sort of thing not last for several months? And then spring could come. (That might even save us the cost of moving south for the winter.)


Anonymous said...

Not to disparage your accomplishment, they are good shots...but doesn't the paper have any photographers?

Has newspaper circulation declined so much that they can't afford a camera?

Just curious.

Secondary Roads said...

You are certainly on a roll. Even if the "film" doesn't come that way these days.

Vee said...

It must be nice to become a "known."

vanilla said...

Curt, circulation? I don't know, but we do still have a daily paper! There are a couple of "photogs" who, while employed elsewhere, will take assignments. I occasionally submit something just for fun, if I happened to see something. There are others who do the same.

Chuck, doubtless a fluke. I really didn't expect two days in a row.

Vee, oh, yes; and fame is fleeting--tomorrow's birdcage liner.

Lin said...

The same story on the front page TWICE???!

Did you get credit for the photo in print??

vanilla said...

Lin, unbelievable, isn't it? Right there below the picture.