Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Open Wide!

Monday morning the demolition crew set to work on the recently vacated city office building, another "gap" in the architectural landscape in the making.

This building during the years I have lived here has served as a bank, or technically a building-and-loan facility, the police department, and most recently as the city offices and the offices of the utility department.

This move leaves the entire east side of Court Street void of buildings. The courthouse now has the street to itself.

I snapped this picture on the right about 10:20 in the morning. I sent it to the local newspaper, which published it on the front page Monday evening. They published the full shot, three columns wide, front page, directly under the banner. This example is cropped for effect.


Jim Grey said...

News photog may make a whole new career for you!

Vee said...

Congratulations on becoming a news photographer! That new eye is doing its job well.

Secondary Roads said...

Good work there friend. What's next for that space?

Anonymous said...

While I am personally not fond of the look of that building I do hate when they tear down older buildings with character and visual interest to build modern boxes. I like old and quirky outside and super modern inside.

Lin said...

Wow. And while I'm impressed that your photo made the front page of your newspaper, I'm also aghast that a building being torn down is front page news. I guess it beats all the latest news from the crooks in Chi-town, right???

I'm moving there, Vanilla. Get ready for fun!

vanilla said...

Jim, or perhaps not. But it is fun carrying a camera around with me.

Vee, thanks. I probably won't attempt to make a career in the visual arts.

Chuck, thank you. Probably parking lot. I mean, the entire block to the north is parking lot, the whole block to the south is parking lot, so, logically, parking lot.

Grace. I am with you on preservation of the old buildings, but this particular building was re-done in the sixties to faux modern, and is quite ugly. An empty space may look better.

Lin, for the real excitement, we stand near a construction site and watch paint dry. Come on down! It'll be a blast.