Monday, December 6, 2010

Pretty in Pink and White

Our first significant snowfall, that is, a snow requiring shoveling from the walks, fell a couple days ago. As I was removing the wet white stuff from the walk, I espied these miniature roses bravely soldiering on through the wintry blast.

Inside, our Christmas cactus resides in the kitchen window alcove. This plant has been a resident for thirty-nine years, maybe forty, the mists of memory being what they are. It suffered a severe trauma three years ago, and we feared it would meet its demise. However, severe trimming and tender loving care revived it, and now she is offering her blooms again, and right at Christmas time!

How blessed we are. Flowers inside and out!


Lin said...

What joy blossoms bring! I can't believe that plant has lived for so long. And it is still lovely!

I finally emptied my pots last week when the snow started falling. But I felt guilty tossing out perfectly blooming plants. Sigh. But they would not last the winter and the pots would freeze and break, so we had to toss them. I have no guilt or anything--have you noticed?

Marydon said...

I so love both types of flowers, but the cactus always bring such cheer & delight in the dead of winter.

Have a beautiful Christmas week ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

That first one looks like a japanese painting!

vanilla said...

Lin, I have been blessed with long life, and so has the plant. I'm grateful for both. Right. No guilt. ;-)

Marydon, pink for you! I do enjoy that old Christmas cactus immensely.

Shark, I do see how the roses in the snow bring to mind a Japanese painting.

Dapoppins said...

My grandmothers (both of them) both had the most wonderful Christmas Castus's... that survived children, grand children and great grand children and who knows how many Christmas's...I don't know how long the plants lived, but both plants outlived both grandmothers and still bloom in loving memory.

vanilla said...

Dapoppins-- The continued blooming of those Christmas cacti is a wonderful memorial to your grandmothers!