Thursday, December 30, 2010


As the tale of Spot progressed, we encountered a beast named "Dundee." Dundee was described as an out-sized golden retriever. This good dog deserves a post of his own.

Dundee was acquired as a pup by a young officer in the United States Air Force. The young man worked assiduously with the pup and thereby insured that the animal would grow into a fine and obedient beast, a wonderful companion. Then there came the day that the officer was posted to an Air Base in England. What to do? Neil was by this time quite attached to Dundee, but to take him to the UK would require that the animal spend six (6) months in quarantine. Alternatively, he could find a loving home for him here and leave him behind. Neil's mother to the rescue! She agreed to take the dog, presumably under the proviso that he would return to his master when the time was right. That time never came, inasmuch as the officer's career took him to Iceland, to Germany and, well, transporting a dog all over the world was not in the cards.

Besides, Dundee was now Ellie's dog.

Things you might like to know about Dundee.

1) One clipped an 18 inch leash to his collar, handed the leash to the dog, which he took gently in his mouth, and then proceeded to companion's heel for the journey.
2) Dundee's natural gait was a pace. It was a rollicking joy to watch him roll as he got into second and third gear! I believe I've never seen another dog with such a gait.
3) When the newspaper was thrown onto the porch, one opened the door and the dog retrieved the paper and brought it in.
4) Water! The one time that no amount of yelling could deter the dog was the arrival at the lake and the opening of the car door. Off he flew, into the water! Oh, how he loved to swim.

Dundee with Uncle Doug, 1982.


Grace said...

Sweet breed of dogs...

vanilla said...

Grace, one of the best. Dundee's successor was also a golden.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Looks like one of the world's most special dogs. It would have been an honor to know him.

vanilla said...

Shark, we'll consider Dundee honored that you expressed this thought. Thanks.