Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Middle of the Night

There are many truths, but only one set of facts. (3:04 a.m.)

Turn, toss.

oh, wait. (4:17 a.m.)

Slap pillow. Twice.

There are many facts, but only one Truth. (6:29 a.m.)

Feet on floor. Shower. Dress.

(I have to get the mind shut down before three ay em. It all seems so clear, then daylight comes.)


Andrea said...

Blessings and prayers,

vanilla said...

Andrea, thank you; prayers appreciated.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty much what every night is for me, unless my husband is snoring and then I don't bother getting into bed at all

Liara Covert said...

Find your blog through Silver. Apprecaite your reflections. Best of the season to yo uand yours.

Lin said...

Have you ever noticed that things are always worse and more complicated in the middle of the night. Miraculously, problems don't seem so bad once the sun rises. Oh, if only those thoughts could wait until morning. Ugh.

Sharkbytes said...


vanilla said...

Grace, seems there is a lot of mental activity going on during the wee hours. (Ooh, maybe you've fingered the reason my spouse sometimes doesn't bother to come to bed?)

Liara, Thanks for the visit. Come again.

Lin, and wonderful it is that we awaken to the new day in which the perspective brightens!

Shark, guess there are lots of nocturnal turners and tossers out there. Get a good night's rest!