Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And Now It's December

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Bone-tired last evening, sitting in the recliner, keyboard on my lap. Aim: a post for Wednesday morning. Head snapped up, maybe when Jethro shot someone, and the above (not including picture) was sssssssssssssscrawled down the screen. A good way. I eliminated some and left this as a demo.

I staggered up the stairs, brushed my teeth and fell into bed. Didn't even take time to shave, which is as standard as brushing my teeth before bed. Almost. Oh, yes. Bob Cratchett shaves before he goes to work in the morning. Lothario shaves before he goes to bed.

So, when I arose this morning, it was snowing and there was already a skiff of the white stuff on the ground and places. "Skiff" may be a word Mom made up, but that's what she would have said. Never hear the weather girl say it, though. (Vague recollection of my Thoreau suggests that a skiff may be a small boat. Oh, well.) Don't ever want more than a skiff of snow, but I hear that farther north there may have fallen a boat-load, and no small boat, either.

May your day be pleasant, whether or not you have snow to shovel!


Grace said...

I say "boatload" when I mean a whole heck of a lot, so since a skiff is a small boat, a small amount of snow is easily a skiff of snow rather than a boatload. Be grateful for small blessings! (Unless of course you actually like boatloads of snow..) Here's to a whole winter of nothing but skiffs of snow!

Vee said...

I like the snow and we missed it at our place. It snowed on Sunday evening, but when we arrived back on Monday about the only snow left was on the mountains.

vanilla said...

Grace, yes, the "small blessings" I appreciate; but the forecast is for a coming "boatload", and I am not looking forward to that! And "skiff of snow" does seem to be a fairly common expression.

Vee, the snow you had is my kind of snow: here today, gone tomorrow! Glad you are safely homw.

Tasha Stanley said...

I had to drive to and from school in it, it was ok on the way there but at 8:30 it was terrible the roads slick...BE SAFE EVERYONE

vanilla said...

Tasha, you be careful on that commute this winter! Love, Gpa