Saturday, December 11, 2010

Indiana Day

I am calling December 11 "Indiana Day," for it was on December 11, 1816 that Indiana became the 19th member of the Union known as the United States of America.

Indiana was carved from the Northwest Territory and became Indiana Territory in 1800. Indiana has the smallest land area of any continental state west of the Appalachian Mountains.

We Hoosiers are over six million strong. We are diverse, yet proud. We are principled, yet resilient. We are darned cold in the winter, but sweltering hot in the summer. From Lake Michigan to the Ohio River, from the Indiana/Ohio border to the Wabash River and the Illinois boundary, you will find farm fields, modern cities, plains, moraine, hills, lakes, rivers and valleys.
Visit us. You will find our little corner of the world a most pleasant place. Productive, friendly people will welcome you.
If you are a history buff or a geography guru you can easily find a wealth of interesting information on the 'net thingy or at your local library.


Anonymous said...

I never knew this was the day! Thanks for the enlightenment.

vanilla said...

Jim, always glad to provide information. Do you suppose my affiliation years ago with the Indiana Junior Historical Society had anything to do with my interest?

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Yup- I lived in Indiana for 4 years (college). I always thought a good title to describe Indiana in the summer would be "Hot Tar and Pigs." But there is lots of history that I never explored.

vanilla said...

Shark, unlike the Indiana days you remember, the hog operations are largely confined to a few huge production facilities. No longer do you see (or smell) the free ranging piggies on most farms in Grant County. And, we now wear shoes when crossing the road in the summer-time!