Thursday, November 4, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

On our next-to -last day out, we drove through "Dorothy country" and hence the title is appropriate on more than one level.
We arrived home from a wonderful vacation experience. Who am I kidding? We are always on vacation! This particular trip encompassed six days on the road and a seven-day visit with my sister and her husband in Colorado Springs.

I had the privilege of spending part of a morning with my old friend, WJ Brown. This gentleman is a friend from the time I was a boy. He is a few years older than I and someone I have always admired. He has never disappointed me, for he is a gentleman of true Christian character.

Serendipity lent a twist to the vacation that I had not anticipated. One evening while at Vee's house, a neighbor hand delivered an invitation to an open house to be held a week or so later. I glanced at the name on the card, which was lying on a counter, and recognized the man's name as that of a fellow inmate student at Colorado Springs High School nigh onto sixty years ago, a person I had not seen nor heard from since graduation. I called him. It was my classmate. He invited me to meet with him and a group of fellow-alumni who get together about once a month. I accepted the invitation, and on Wednesday evening he and his wife took me to the party. What fun! I reconnected with several guys whom I remembered and met a few I did not remember. (It was a large school, 422 in our graduating class.) Thanks Fred and Mary Jane.

Back to the theme: No place like home. As it turns out, I was not well during a large part of the trip, but convinced each moment that I would be better the next. Now that I am home, I am so glad, for my physician's office is just a short distance away, and I feel much worse.

(I hate to be a drag, introducing such a downer into the conversation, but veritas vincit.


Silver said...

gET wElL ReALlY SoOn Ok?

Anonymous said...

Goodness, I hope it is nothing major. Off to the doctor with you.

I always laugh at comments like "It was a large school, 422 in our graduating class." I think there were more people than that in my gym class. My high school graduating class was over 2000, with max school enrollment at 6000 at a school built to accommodate 3000. Naturally we were on triple sessions and of course not all enrolled actually showed up on a daily basis.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Glad you had a great time, but hope your malady is nothing serious.

vanilla said...

Felicia, thank you for the kind wishes.

Grace, "large" is a relative term, isn't it? Our 1600 does seem a bit smaller than your 6000. But then, there were two (2) in my eighth grade graduating class!

Shark, thank you for the good thoughts.

Lin said...

Take care of yourself, pally! I hope you are okay.

vanilla said...

Lin, thanks. Can't be well soon enough!