Monday, November 29, 2010

STSTT, Comments Appreciated

"String Too Short to Tie" is running into its third year. We have a handful of faithful readers and some of them are faithful commenters. I appreciate the feedback. Not everyone agrees with every opinion I express, and that's a good thing. But I'm gratified that some agree with some of them.

In addition to the blogs of those who are my frequent commenters, I read several blogs that are so wildly popular that an occasional note from the author is noted with pleasure. A few of these would be Pearl from "Pearl, Why You Little;" Jon from "Stuff Christians Like;" Matt from "The Church of No People;" JennyMac from "Let's Have a Cocktail;" Jana from "The Meanest Mom."

The very first commenter in October 2008 was "Vee." Vee is not a blogger, but she is my sister and a faithful reader of STSTT. A few days later Mikki of "Here's What Let's Do" entered a note. Her Uncle Chuck of "Secondary Roads" joined in February of 2009. He was the first to grant an award to STSTT, and he is one of the most faithful followers. We have a lot in common (We're both of a "certain age" though he can't quite catch up with me.)

Candace Jean of "Steele the Day" was third in line and Hoosier Reborn a.k.a. Kurt started leaving comments. Stacy from Louisville followed so long as she was blogging, but she "caved to twitter." Elizabeth of "The Big Red Couch" leaves witty and thoughtful comments. Though she resides in Texas, she is a hometown girl.

Lin, author of "Duck and Wheel with String" joined my party in June of '09 and has been a regular ever since. I so enjoy the give and take via our posts and comments.

These people, too, are fairly regular readers/commenters.

Bob, who is not a blogger but who is a faithful reader. He sends lots of good stuff via email.

Grace of "Hugz Before You Go" lives in Filthadelphia and is a great commenter. Great blogger, too.

Ramblin' Man a.k.a Ken who is my youngest offspring.

Silver of "Reflections" who lives somewhere on the other side of the Pacific. She is a great writer, thinker and commenter.

Marydon of "Blushing Rose" posts beautiful pictures and prose for our entertainment.

Andrea who does "Arise 2Write" and "All God's Creatures" is a prayer warrior and seriously she will pray for you if you so request.

Sharkbytes, or Shark for short, runs more blogs than I can keep track of, and does it well. I regularly read "Off the Sanctuary Wall" and "My Quality Day."

Jimgrey writes "Down the Road" posting every Monday and Thursday.

Shinade, a.k.a. Jackie of "The Painted Veil" great photographer and Oklahoma blogger.

Rebecca Mecomber is the pen name of Upstate New Yorker who writes "New York Traveler" and several other blogs.

These are the people who are the most frequent commenters on my space, and thus I suppose they are my faithful readers. I appreciate anyone who takes the time to "hit" my blog, and I certainly enjoy reading after these people whom I have listed here. I know I have not included everyone. Didn't leave you out because you're not appreciated, but rather because of my limited ability to complete anything.

I deliberately have not included links, because it would be 1) a formidable task, and 2) fairly easy for anyone who wants to find these blogs to "look them up" on Google.


Rebecca Mecomber said...

I'm a new reader. :) Thank you so much for your kind words. I am greatly honored!

I have seen your comments on other blogs (notably, Chuck's) and I finally decided to check you out. :D I am delighted when I discover a wonderful new blog, and best of all, a new blogging friend.

Yours is in my feed reader, and I look forward to your posts!

Have a blessed holiday. :D And I wish you great success with your blogging venture.

Anonymous said...

So "Happy Blogaversary". Thanks for the mention. While I check out your blog every time it's updated (you're in my reader and on my blogroll - makes life so much easier!) I can't always comment because I like to leave pertinent remarks, or even funny (?) ones but I don't share your spiritual path. I do read tho and enjoy.

Secondary Roads said...

Congrats on reaching another milestone. STSTT is a Do Not Miss for me. It has been wonderful to connect with a kindred spirit. Even if he is an old man. :)

Anonymous said...

But He is very young in heart


vanilla said...

Rebecca, I found your blog through Chuck, too. What a guy!
I enjoy very much reading your material.

Grace, you pop up in my reader when you post, too. I also read your posts sometimes without comment. But I'm there! I enjoy your take on things, as you are a keen and astute observer of the human condition. I realize we don't share our spiritual journeys, but I wish you well.

Chuck, though we have never met in our corporeal beings, I feel a true friendship has developed through our understandings gleaned from our writings. This "old man" looks forward to Secondary Roads each time I boot this thing.

Bob, thanks. The young are immortal (they think) and the elderly are always young (they think.)

Thanks to you all for making the blog experience worthwhile for me!

JennyMac said...

I love that you are comfortable with people agreeing or is what helps us shape our opinions and our positions.

And thank you kindly for the mention. :) I read much more than I comment lately but I had to say hello today!

vanilla said...

Thank you, JennyMac. I used to be fond of saying, "You don't have to agree with me; you can be wrong if you want to." Finally realized that some do not share my sense of humor, took me seriously, and wrote me off as an insufferable smart aleck. Well, (insert cliche) (I'll go with, Live and learn).

Willingness to allow our opinions to be based in fact and molded by the perspective of others is a boon.
(Cliche, two sides to every issue.)?