Saturday, November 6, 2010

Edsel Ford

It is a sad irony that Edsel Ford, after whom the famed automotive flop was named, had nothing to do with the design, manufacture or introduction of this behemoth in 1958 that insured that the term "Edsel" became a synonym for "flop". Mr. Ford, in fact, had served as president of the Ford Motor Company for nearly a quarter century. He was responsible for the design and introduction of the Model A which supplanted the famed Model T. This marque sold over four million units during its four year run.

Edsel Ford was also responsible for bringing Lincoln into the Ford fold, and was the principal force in the design of the Continental. He is credited with many other achievements during his tenure as president. He succumbed to cancer in 1943.

My late wife's brother-in-law was one of the first to own a 1958 Edsel Citation. It was a boat!

Edsel Bryant Ford, November 6, 1893 – May 26, 1943 RIP

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