Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Maharajah and the Coconuts

This blog is not political in nature, and I pretty much keep my political opinions to myself. For the most part. Sort of. Sometimes.

But, I have read from more than one source that the trip of King Barack and Dancing Queen Michelle to India is costing two hundred million dollars a day. Can that be right?
 I don't mean the calculation, I mean, Can that be right?

I once heard about a lady in a Bible study class who responded to the question, "How many children did Solomon have?" The question was asked in conjunction with the biblical statement concerning the number of wives and concubines the man had. Her response? "Why, why-- it staggers the imagination!"

The costs of this current tour to the Asian subcontinent is infinitely more staggering. Wonder what the return on the investment will be. Too bad they picked the coconuts. The odds are small anyway, and think of the excitement it might have engendered.


Lin said...

I guess I don't mind that he goes to "work" India--it is the 3000 other folks that he brought with him that amazes me! Like 1000 couldn't do the job???!

I hate politics.

Shinade said...

I don't even want to discuss this. I actually voted for him! He really fooled me.

Except for Clinton and him I have always voted Republican. But, as of right now I am none too happy with any in our government.

And where the heck is Hillary Clinton anyway? The last time I saw her or even heard anything about her was when she became Secretary of State.

Okay that's my rave today. Hopefully, I pray we will get a good strong and honorable candidate to vote for in the next election.

However, that being said, I am certainly not going to hold my breath!!

I agree with Lin. I hate politics and I use to love them.

Great post. It's good to be back after almost a year!


Anonymous said...

It would have been a little ironic if he had been crowned by a coconut

Rebecca Mecomber said...

I heard he went to visit all our jobs that are over there. hahahaha ha ha h.... a...


vanilla said...

Lin, the size of the entourage is the most puzzling factor for me, too.

Jackie, thank you for the visit and the comment. Holding ones breath until things improve is not a very good idea, is it?

Anon, we are glad that that didn't happen.

Rebecca, so, one suspects, that when he returns he can explain how the increase in jobs at home due to the Indian visit will be a net plus for us! ;-)

Vee said...

Do you think maybe this trip reinforces the notion that the O. administration is totally out of touch with our country and the needs of the people here? I'm sure any person who is out of work here would be happy to receive just a small portion of what this trip is costing.

vanilla said...

Ah,ah,ah, Vee, you are trying to draw me into expressing a "political" opinion. Okay, I think everyone in Camelot-on-Potomac is out of touch with reality.