Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sunrise over Kansas

Though we did not typically get a really early start each morning on our trip, thanks to the time of year and daylight savings time, we were well on the road before the sun came up. This was the sunrise as seen from the highway in central Kansas. We were treated to a spectacle!
Later this same day, we drove through the Flint Hills. BBBH was literally in awe of the magnificence of the scenery. And so was I. Such comments as "stunning" and "Why don't people talk about how gorgeous Kansas really is?" were passed back and forth between us as we drank in the beauty of this tall grass prairie.


Silver said...

That's a very special moment shared, if you asked me. The picture seemed blurry but i'll believe you both! ;)


Sharkbytes said...

I like the fuzziness. Great color.

vanilla said...

Felicia-- It was a beautiful sunrise, "blurry" photo notwithstanding.

Shark-- Thanks. The trip was fun, but it is great to be home.