Friday, October 15, 2010

Second Anniversary

Two years ago today, it was a dark and rainy night somewhere in south-central Missouri. The first-ever issue of "String Too Short to Tie" was created and posted on blogger. A year later, I posted a review which included links to some of my personal favorites.

Here is a look at some of my favorites for the second year.

First, I have enjoyed sharing the series "Loonville Vignettes". To date, there are nineteen of these posts, starting with this one. The most recent one was just three days ago. Most of them were posted on Tuesdays. A quicker way to access all the Loonville posts is to go to my blog "Retrotechnocracy" where there are fewer posts to wade through, and no pretty pictures to distract you from reading.

"Boy and Turtle with Wagon" is essentially a tale of the writer's beginning school experiences, and from it we follow the Boy through his first eight grades of school. The posts are scattered here and there.

The post that has received the most hits during the life of this blog is "Desert Pete". This story has been around a long time, certainly not original with me. I cannot provide attribution, because the author is not known to me. I do know that I heard my Dad tell the story from the pulpit as an illustration when I was but a lad.

As I have indicated before, if the post is in "String Too Short to Tie" it is because the topic interested me, at least at the time it was posted!
This is 683rd post, if count is correct.


Secondary Roads said...

Congrats on your anniversary!

vanilla said...

Chuck-- Thank you!