Saturday, October 9, 2010

Campout Season Finale

A few of the crowd.

This placard (not bad photography; worn placard) tells us that a National Youth Administration Camp was established at Mounds State Park in 1940. Further, we read that the young men at the camp earned $30 per month, of which $20 went to their keep (board and room). They received $10 for their own personal use.

Mounds is an arborists delight. It is heavily forested and a beautiful spot on this great, green earth.
The dog and I were both a bit fixated on gnarly trees, as we saw some very interesting formations.

An interesting discovery was wifi access in the park. Mounds State Park is on the outskirts of the City of Anderson which provides free wifi to its inhabitants. I was surprised that reception extended this far into the fringe area. But fun!


Secondary Roads said...

Looks like a pleasant way to pass some time with friend -- either new or old.

Anonymous said...

Only thing I remember about the N.Y.A. is the bridge from the swimming pool to the park was said to be built by the National Youth Administration.


Lin said...

Oh! I've been there!! That is nice camping! They have a really nice pool there too.

Have fun camping, pally! Enjoy the crisp air and the sweet smells of autumn. Roast a marshmallow for me!

vanilla said...

Chuck-- That it is!

Bob-- I was not aware of that.

Lin-- Nice park, nice pool. No campfire, though, due to statewide no-burn. Did allow charcoal, though, so marshmallows, yes!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Anderson! Aha- so you are a Taylor rival? I'm a TU alum.

vanilla said...

Shark-- No, no. Never attended AU. In fact once enrolled at TU for my sophomore year. But at last minute, opted to return to Seattle Pacific where I completed degree.