Monday, October 25, 2010


On a clear day, driving from Kansas into Colorado we begin to look for "the Mountain" for the first to spot it gets to cry, Monte video!
However, on this day, we looked in vain. It was a cloudy and sometimes rainy day and no mountains were in sight.
This interesting cloud formation presented itself to the south.
Finally. we spotted the base of Pikes Peak, and as the clouds moved and shifted it was evident that it was snowing on the mountain, probably from the peak to a point below timberline.


Lin said...

You're getting closer! Gees, I'm jealous you are on the road, pally. Glad you are sending photos from your travels for us to enjoy!

Sharkbytes said...

Wow, those cloud columns are really interesting.

vanilla said...

Lin-- So far, so good. But it is chilly and very windy tonight. I'll pull up the featherbed and sleep the night away!

Shark--Really a strange formation. At one point, a half-dozen vertical columns, supporting what? the roof of heaven?