Friday, October 1, 2010

New Kitchen Range

So here's how it went down. The oven quit working. We could call a service man. Let's see. $100 for the service call, probably a like amount for parts and labor. Thus we have spent about half the cost of a new stove, and we still have a twelve-year old appliance. Let's go shopping.
BBBH has long dreamed of a stainless steel kitchen. Stoves in this category are not four or five hundred bucks. But she found a really nice one, two ovens and all that sort of thing. Wants it. But wait! One cannot have a stainless stove without matching the other three appliances to it; and now you see where this is going.
The refrigerator is quite comparable to the one she is replacing, but it is in stainless steel.
The dishwasher and the microwave, too, had to be replaced. We now have a garage full of kitchen appliances that still work, but have no job.
Go figure.
It will be interesting to see how long I can hold off the "need" for totally unnecessary new countertops.


Anonymous said...

The stainless steel will keep your wife so busy keeping it clean that she'll never have time for nonsense like replacing countertops.

Secondary Roads said...

Don't let your BBBH visit the New York Renovator blog. Rebecca just installed butcher block counter tops. They look great.

Sharkbytes said...

Wow- that's quite a project. I'm just praying that our appliances keep working. Paid $300 to get my stove fixed this summer, but I like it.

vanilla said...

Jim-- "...a consummation devoutly to be wished."

Chuck-- Thanks for the suggestion; but I can't keep her from watching HGTV.

Shark-- That you like it is what is important. Spouse allows it may take a while to learn to cook all over again!

Grace said...

I hate stainless steel and granite counter tops - I have them, not my choice, you can spend your entire life trying to keep them reasonably clean - kitchens should be as low maintenance as possible - carefree kitchen days are over -

Lin said...

OUCH! I feel your pain, Vanilla! I know stainless is all hip and cool, but what a pain to keep clean! I'm really hoping my white appliances come back into fashion soon.

On another note--I LOVE the two-ovens. We have one of those and we use the little one on top ALL the time! It is a great invention.

vanilla said...

Grace-- I fear that you are right... as you usually are!

Lin-- It is win-win for BBBH inasmuch as I agreed long ago to do kitchen cleanup if she'd do the cooking. Oh, that top oven is wonderful! I've been the beneficiary of its produce several times since it was installed.

Vee said...


vanilla said...

Vee-- Yeah, even my spouse gets what she wants sometimes.