Saturday, April 17, 2010

Safe in the Ozarks

Dateline: Choctaw, Arkansas 6:50 PM 15 April 2010

We concluded our visit in Longview, and we were on the road by 9:40 this morning. We had lunch in Hope, Arkansas. I waited while Princess Nikkipikkilot went back to her hunter/gatherer roots. (Roots. Get it?) As she walked the dog in a weed patch behind the restaurant, she pulled wild turnips for the soup. Oh, boy. And then.

Then we got back on I-30 and drove a short while before all traffic eastbound came to a screeching halt. For the next ninety minutes or so, we got about 65 yards to the gallon. Yet even bad things come to an end and finally traffic was flowing again.

We arrived at Conway at 4:25 and filled with petrol. Well, "filled" these days is a joke at most stations, as they cut the flow off at seventy-five bucks. Of course, one could start over, but one doesn't. He stifles his irritation and grumbles his way back into the driver's seat. The upside: with somewhat less than a full tank, the fuel consumption may, I say may, be infinitesmally better. But I can't prove that. Most of the rig operators I talked to over time assured me that when I traded the 460 V-8 for a V-10 I would get better mileage. I think they are right. It appears to be about ten to twelve percent better, but when one is operating on a base of 8 mpg, that's not a heck of a lot. But grateful for the small benefits I receive. I've stopped looking for large ones.

Anyway, we had a dickens of a time finding a campsite, and in fact stopped at one that had a rather large contingency of RVers parked there, but it had no shower house. But a nice young lady there advised us to press on to Choctaw, where, she said there was a nice campground. And she was so right. This facility is operated by the Corps of Engineers, and thus my Golden Eagle Passport gave us full rights to usage for $8.50. Cannot beat that. Well, unless someone is giving stuff away.

This is a beautiful place on Greer Lake (what do you think the Corps was doing, anyway?) The camper pads are paved and generally level, so we are happy as, oh, say, very tired campers right at the moment.

Tomorrow is another day and we are looking forward to seeing Carl and Bernardine who live a hoot'n a holler and a couple axhandles on up the road.
Dateline: Leslie, Arkansas
9:10 PM 16 April 2010
We made the trip on this fabulously beautiful Friday to Chez C et B which is located in the middle of mountainous Arkansas splendor, twelve miles from the junction of Nowhere Road and You Cain't Get There from Here Lane. We had the grand tour around the three abundantly wooded acres; we petted the horse and the dogs. Then, of course, we seated ourselves around the table for a game of Spades. After that, Carl grilled steaks and Bernardine prepared the rest of a bounteous and delicious dinner. Following the repast, guess what we did! Another game of Spades.
We visited in the awesome outdoors for a time, listening to the singing of the frogs in the property pond and watching darkness slowly swallow up the world. Then to our respective places for a night's rest before a day of celebration in the Ozarks. (We are going to Mountain View to attend a folk celebration.)


Anonymous said...

Indiana eagerly awaits your arrival!

vanilla said...

Thanks, Jim. Soon!