Sunday, April 18, 2010

Arts and Crafts

The axe from BBBH to the target!
Dateline: Mountain View, Arkansas
17 April 2010
Today was the day for arts and crafts in Stone County. The visit to the center was rewarding. All pictures taken at the Arts Center, except for the image of the Stone County Courthouse.
We are on the road again, overnighting at West Plains, Missouri.


Anonymous said...

That ptcture of Joanne on the pig make me think you could make a mountain of money using a replica at the pork festival.

Secondary Roads said...

That looks like fun.

Lin said...

I'm with Chuck--looks like a good time there.

vanilla said...

Anon.--Perhaps with my picture and memory and your carpentry skills we could construct our very own rocky-piggy!

Chuck--It was fun, indeed.

Lin--I'm blessed to be able still to climb the hills, walk the grounds and enjoy the sights.