Thursday, April 22, 2010

Jon's a Blogger?

How straightforward is your profile? Did you pad it up to make yourself look good? Don't we all?
Truth: I have read the profiles of the people whose blogs I read; and it is my observation that most writers are self-deprecating, if anything. It is more likely that the blogger is much more brilliant, a much more accomplished writer and observer of the human condition, a much more well-rounded individual than the profile might lead you to believe. But read a blog for a while, and you will get a sense of the person, regardless of what is written in the bio.
Then, of course there are the "Jons" of the blogosphere; but they are easily identified.


Secondary Roads said...

Amen brother. The recent Garfield series featuring blogger Jon has brought a lot of laughs. I have an interesting resumé story for another day.

vanilla said...

Looking forward to the story, Chuck.