Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Park Pond

There is a nice little pond on the property here. I enjoy walking out onto the peninsula, sitting on a park bench and listening to the bullfrogs as I watch the birds. In addition to the egrets and grackles, there are several whistling ducks that have claimed this as their home.

Black-bellied whistling duck.

The grackles seem to be ubiquitous throughout Louisiana and South Texas. They are a sight during breeding season, the way the cock blows himself up to twice his normal size. This appears to me that it would intimidate rather than attract the nondescript little hen, which is only half his size in any event. But each season brings forth a new generation of grackle. Raucus.
Boat-tailed grackle

The duck and the egret are not facing off. In fact, they seem to rather enjoy one another's company.


Secondary Roads said...

That looks so nice and peaceful.

vanilla said...

This is a very pleasant place, Chuck.

Lin said...

The other day I went by a pond and could hear all the frogs singing. It's funny how much I realized that I missed that sound over the winter. It's nice to see and hear the animals again, isn't it??

vanilla said...

Yes, Lin, the reawakening as we all come out of our hidey-holes is what spring is all about! (Have a couple of squirrel pix I may try to slip in somewhere soon.)