Thursday, April 15, 2010

Extreme Northeast Texas

A beautiful Tuesday evening in Jacksonville, Texas. Eighty degrees and sunny, though the sun is ten degrees from the horizon and will soon take its nightly rest.

We drove a mere 350 miles today, getting away from Rockport at ten a.m. We had a bbq lunch in Schulenburg then pounded on down highways 77 and 79 until our stop at six in the evening. We have walked around the park, BBBH is fixing potato soup, Cookie is resting (he's almost always resting these days, unless someone invades his space).

This will no doubt be published after an addendum which will include tomorrow's adventures, for we are so deep in the piney woods that we have no internet. ttfn.

Wednesday night, relatively late (for me). We drove to Longview this morning and after grocery shopping and lunch at a pizza store, we arrived at Cousins Eunice and Vern's house about two p.m. Also visiting there were Cousins Martha and John, so we had a very nice time rehashing old times. (Old people do that.) We all went out to dinner at a very nice Mexican restaurant. Very nice. And the food was delicious, too.

After John and Martha left for their drive back to Dallas, we visited a while longer then repaired to the RV for the night. There I lucked upon an open connection within range, hence this update is now on its way to you! Nitol


Andrea said...

Hope you continue to have a wonderful journey.
Blessings, andrea

Vee said...

Happy traveling!

vanilla said...

Andrea--Thank you; and may you be blessed today.

Vee--Thanks. So far, so good.