Friday, April 9, 2010

Park Neighbors

Directly across the lane from us, Bob and Jan from Hawkins, Michigan are camped. Don't bother looking for it on the map, unless you have a very old map, says Jan. They live fulltime in their RV and have travelled extensively around North America.

The RV is a 1946 model Trailmobile trailer which they have turned into a very interesting and commodious home to suit their travel needs. It is towed by a 1965 White 3000, which while they are camped, serves as their transportation around the area. Jan and Bob maintain a blogsite here on which you may learn about the "Little Green Truck" and follow their travels.
Thursday morning we scootered over to "The Red Barn," where we met Bob and Jan for breakfast. The cook/proprietor could probably justly be described as "an old hippie," though he isn't really old in the sense that I am old. He waited on us, regaled us with tales from his past, gave us a "tour" of the building, the interior walls of which had been painted in tromp l'oeil by
another o.h. friend. Then he cooked our orders. Example: I had six beautiful and delicious half-slices of French toast and two large patties of sausage. Cost: $3.00.
The Little Green Truck pulls out this morning, on its way to a truck show three or four hours up the road.
Safe travels, Jan, Bob, Grizzly Dog and Green Truck!


Anonymous said...

Deep respect for the classic RV and classic tow.

And $3 is my kind of breakfast price.

Secondary Roads said...

Neat ride! You sure can meet some interesting, wonderful and wonderfully interesting folk in your travels.

Sharkbytes said...

I love old trucks. That is very cool.

Andrea said...

I am definitely going over to check them out. WOW!
Blessings, andrea

vanilla said...

Jim-- The unit draws a lot of well-deserved attention. The menu at the Red Barn certainly is priced right!

Chuck--We have encountered many, many interesting people during our travels.

Sharkbytes--You would have walked 'round and 'round Little Green Truck. It is cool indeed.

Andrea--Bet you enjoyed your trip over to Bob's blog.

Lin said...

There is just something about campers--they are the best folks. Well, almost as good as bloggers. :) I want some of that guy's breakfast!!

vanilla said...

Lin--And I am 1)a camper; and 2)a blogger. What can I say? ;>)