Friday, May 15, 2009

We're Back!

We should be rested up and ready to roll. Herewith are a couple of images of the "tree spirits" that inhabit the ash trees in our yard. Perhaps they will ward off the green ash borer which threatens our ash trees here in the Midwest. We acquired the one in the upper picture several years ago while visiting Cousin Jacqueline in Carencro, Louisiana. She had several of these on the trees in her yard; and when we admired them, nothing would do but that she would take one of them down and send it home with us.

Two years later on another visit to South Louisiana, she presented us with a package when we were departing. It contained the stern-looking though I'm sure friendly monster shown below. He inhabits the younger, smaller ash tree in the backyard. Thanks again, Jackie.
[p.s. As much as we love our trees, we do not believe that there are spirits in them that will ward off anything, but these are fun, aren't they? Probably our best defense against borers is a watchful eye and immediate action if such is indicated.]


Secondary Roads said...

Neat! We have a double row of ash trees (nearly three dozen) in front of our house.

Vee said...

Like! Maybe I should get some to keep the deer away from my plants.

vanilla said...

Chuck: Three dozen! We have a dozen trees on our lot and scarcely room for any more.

Vee: That just might work--they certainly look ferocious enough.