Thursday, May 28, 2009

Supreme Court Appointment

President Obama has named his choice for the upcoming Supreme Court vacancy. So near as I can tell, and I haven't vetted her the way BHO has or should have done, nor have I grilled her as the Senate will or should grill her, she is a competent and capable individual. She certainly has a strong resume.
The problem for Sonia Sotomayor, though, will not be an issue of abilities but rather the picking of the pathway through the minefield of politics. It is unfortunate that everything, and I mean everything, is politicized, even to the detriment of the country. I think Ms. Sotomayor will be a good Justice of the Supreme Court. I base this hope very much on the fact that already we see the distaste for her being expressed on both ends of the political spectrum. The far right seem to think she is much too liberal, whereas the loons at the left end fear she isn't strong enough on their pet political agenda; i.e., she is not herself a loon. This gives us all hope that she will adjudicate in a fair, reasonable and legal fashion those issues which properly belong to the Court.
Fun days ahead. Looking forward to them.
(I do hold one reservation in my mind, and that has to do with the "compassionate" statement she is said to have uttered. Had Solomon been "compassionate" he would have ordered both women to undergo psychiatric evaluations and appropriate treatments as indicated, while the child would have been made a ward of the state, all at government expense, of course.)

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