Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And It Didn't Do the Railroads Any Good

Ford Model T: the car that put America on wheels. The last "T" was built on May 27, 1927. The plants were closed to retool for the new Model A.

Henry Ford: an amazing man.

His cars: amazing vehicles.


Secondary Roads said...

I remember it was about 1947 and grandpa was still driving a T bone. I sneaked into it and sat behind the wheel. It wasn't like dad's '37 Ford. That day, I also discovered that the starter control was on the floor. I ran off before I was caught.

vanilla said...

Don't remember a T in the family; but I vividly recall Dad's 1928 Chevy, which he traded in 1940 for a 36 Ford fordor with trunk on the back. Good times.