Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tipton, Indiana

[l to r, t to b: Courthouse, Post Office, First Presby, frieze, TCP Library, farmland, 1st Christian, RR sta, seed facility, working movie house downtown, industrial area, Court Street looking toward Jefferson St.]

We'll share a bit today about our little spot in the world. Tipton County, Indiana consists of 260 square miles of primarily primo agricultural land boasting a population of something over sixteen thousand. The county seat is the City of Tipton which has about 5300 residents. As you can see in this map, we are pretty much centrally located. The city of Kokomo is just north of the county line and Hamilton County to the south sits between us and Indianapolis which is in Marion County.

BBBH cannot refrain from reminding me on occasion that I have moved her to a place that "doesn't even have a Walmart." Well, there's a big drawback.
[snicker] Spouse has wheels, though, thanks to Pontiac (oh, remind me to do an "I could have told you" story about GM) so she can easily get to a couple of excellent shopping venues, Noblesville 18 miles to the south or Kokomo 16 miles to the north. She's not hurting in that regard. Do. Not. Feel sorry for her.
As we hinted in the first paragraph, agriculture is a leading industry in this place. The topography is just a tad short of table-top flat and the soil was made for growing things.
The corn and soybeans lead the list of produce, but one can also find wheat, oats and tomato fields in the area. Corn and soybean seed production is a major industry and several companies grow and process here.
We also have a brand new and unoccupied half-billion dollar manufacturing facility, no thanks to Chrysler and Getrag who couldn't line up their ducks. Someone PLEASE move in and open up shop! Contact TCEDC. This is not a commercial blogsite, but we need an occupant--desperately.
[Wedding today! Granddaughter Janelle marries Brandon.]


Secondary Roads said...

Nice pictures and story of your town. FWIW, Wal-Mart put in a store near the county seat (20 minutes drive in wifey's Chrysler). They threatened to sue the town and county when they discovered that census figures included inmates in the five lock-up facilities.

vanilla said...

WalMart doesn't have all the money yet? They want your county's money, too?
Otherwise, guffaws. (Adding the "lockup" inhabitants to the census in our county might add a dozen or so in any given week.)
Hmmm. Wonder how that vacant factory could be utilized ---

Vee said...

The pictures of your beautiful town convinced me it is a great place to be. Maybe Tipton should put you on the Economic Development Council.

vanilla said...

Vee: Thank you, it is a nice little 'corner of the world.'