Friday, March 27, 2009

Happiness Is a Beach

Yesterday we drove to the beach at Port Aransas. We walked on the beach; we lolled on the beach. We flew kites. We watched the ships in the channel passing the jetty on the way out to sea. Tired, we napped for about an hour. Then nature treated us to a fantastic thunderstorm and deluge of water for about ten minutes.
We drove to the bird sanctuary and saw lots of God's smaller creatures. Among the prettiest was the little blue heron which posed for me not more than a dozen feet away. The camera was in the RV. Idiot! We did meet a guy "shooting" a great blue with a camera that no doubt cost him five figures. That's to the left of the decimal point. Also, he had driven up in seven hundred series BMW. That's what? Eighty grand? Nice work if you can get it. Hope he wasn't a recently "retired" AIG guru.
Back across the water on the ferry and the short drive back to Rockport followed by fried chicken, biscuits and gravy prepared and served up by BBBH. Whatta day!

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