Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Coastal Texas

See the teeny little red dot on the southeast coast of Texas? That represents Aransas County. We are now in Rockport, which is the county seat of this bailiwick. Rockport is about 30 miles northeast of Corpus Christi. Aransas County covers an area of 528 square miles, of which 252 square miles is land. And with more water area than land area, it stands to reason that fishing, both sport and commercial, boating and other water activities are big deals here.

The principal industries are in fact seafood production, oil production and tourism. The population of Aransas County is just under 25,000, of whom just under 7500 reside in Rockport. The population balloons, of course, when the Winter Texans arrive from the cold, cold northland which they seek to escape, basically from December to April.

It is our intention that this will be our home until mid-April!

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