Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ancient Oaks

Our stay here at Ancient Oaks is very pleasant. This entire area has been blessed with an abundance of live oak trees, many of which are indeed ancient. It is said that some of them were growing here when Lief Ericson landed on North America's shores. That may well be, for some of them have magnificent girth.

It is also said that the oaks along the coastal area all lean to the northwest because of the prevailing southeasterly winds. It is true that many of them do lean and mostly all in the same direction; but "all" is a misused term in this particular instance. Some of them are quite straight.

Here is one just inside the RV park, and it does lean to the northwest.

These are a couple of the largest trees on the property, surrounded by many smaller ones.
[and Happy Birthday, Heide]

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Secondary Roads said...

I love those old oak trees. When we lived in Connecticut (19 years), my younger son said, "Come Dad, you've got to see this oak tree across the road." I followed him across the road through some woods between houses and back a ways. And there was the largest oak tree I've ever seen. I couldn't reach around its lower branches -- not even half way.