Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh, Please

February 17, DTV Day. No, wait. That would be June 12.
Three frames of mind on this topic.
1) The technophiles are livid. We want our bandwidths!
2) The technophobes are clueless; or, alternatively, want to take hammers to everything electronic.
3) The procrastinators, the hopelessly helpless who, no matter what or when, will be unprepared and worse, expect the gummint once again to "solve" their problem for them.

Personally, I can hardly wait because I want to hear the yowling when it finally comes to pass. How long will it be before 27,652,371 viewers are screaming that the audio is out of sync and the video in little cubical chunks is horrid and they were much happier watching "I Love Lucy" in black and white, and on and on. And that they want the gummint to fix it. Yesterday.

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