Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jo's Favorite Artist

Today is the anniversary of the birth of Norman Rockwell. Beloved Beautiful Better Half holds his work in high regard; and in fact he is her favorite artist. Whatever else you might think of him, he was a truly talented artist and he had a great sense of humor. America is a better place for having enjoyed his take on life in these United States.
BBBH has a large collection of "prints," for the most part from calendars but that's ok. A significant number of them grace our stairwell.
The Rockwell exhibit came to Indy a couple of years ago and had a run of several weeks at the Children's Museum. We went; she was enthralled and I had a great time. Took lots of pictures in the area where it was allowed. Unfortunately I can't show you any of them because they are all stored on a hard drive at home.
There was a display of life-size interactive models of some of Rockwell's paintings into which one could insert himself for some great shots posing with the characters in the tableau.

Thank you, Norman Rockwell. And thanks to the "Saturday Evening Post."

Norman Rockwell 1894 - 1978 R.I.P.

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