Monday, August 14, 2017

Mid-America Show 43

Time again for the visit to the Mid-America Threshing and Antique Show.  This is the 43rd annual edition.  This year's featured machinery is by Allis-Chalmers.

Allis-Chalmers Company was formed in 1901 by the merging of the Edward P. Allis Company, manufacturer of steam engines and mining equipment, with Fraser and Chalmers, makers of mining equipment, along with Dickson Manufacturing Co. and Gates Iron Works.  They currently manufacture farm equipment, heavy construction equipment, generators and engines, stuff marketed worldwide.

Really old.
Not quite so old, but restored.
Besides A-C, there were many other marques represented.
These labels were on the tractor below.

And what's this?  My guess: Someone loves his wife or his daughter, or someone loves herself more than they love the tractor.  Nicely restored machine, though.

I have attended many editions of the MTA show here in Tipton.  But then it is close by.





Grace said...

For a concrete and carbon monoxide gal, my fascination with farm equipment seems odd but I love it. Combines are my favorite but tractors also delight.

vanilla said...

Grace, I think it great that a little "agrispin" exists for you. Though not a farm boy, I have driven tractor in actual performance of turning the soil-- Kansas, 1952. I have had the privilege of riding in a combine during harvest, but not operating it. Combines are fantastic-- I once lived in house that was smaller than a modern combine.

Secondary Roads said...

It is always fun to attend the steam and tractor show. They have a good one just a few miles from here.

I've operated operated an AC tractor--it had the stiffest clutch of anything I've ever driven. Where I grew up Farmall was the most common make and the H the most common model. (It was great to operate an M!) In this neighborhood, John Deere reigns in this era.

vanilla said...

Chuck, seems John Deere green reigns around here, but a lot of Farmall, too, and I have even seen quite a bit of Holland blue.

Vee said...

Keep telling you that Tipton has fun stuff - unlike the space where I live.

vanilla said...

Vee, are you sure there is no fun stuff in your area?

Vee said...

We have Old Settler's Days in September, but most of the vendors have dropped out in recent years. Not much of of interest the past two last years. (Lots of chiropractors and insurance sales people with booths.) The Assemblies Church still sells pies, so maybe that makes it worth the trip to the center of Olathe.

The Overland Park Arboretum, just a few miles to the south of us, is free on Tuesdays. We can "hike" around and see the plants and the lake.

Louisburg (25 miles south) has a cider mill that attracts a lot of people late September through November. The hot apple cider and apple cider donuts are delicious. Can't pick apples though because they don't have an orchard. They truck their apples in from Ohio.

Then we can drive to KC and pay for stuff. Long drive on two interstate highways to see a Royals game and just the parking fee is $15. Museum of Art - Interstate to the center of Kansas City and hourly parking fee; MNU amateur events - no parking fee but the last concert we went to tickets were $11 each and tickets to a play by the college drama group were $13; New Dinner Theater in Overland Park - no parking but around $50 per ticket for meal and show. You get the picture. The people in this county don't care a lot about free fun stuff. I have heard, however, that some of the little towns south ( 30 to 40 mile away) have festivals. Maybe we should check that out. Other places we have lived and fairs close to us with reasonable entry fees. We actually haven't checked that out in our county. WANT TO AVOID INTERSTATE TRAVEL. WANT FREE STUFF!

vanilla said...

Vee, I surely relate to your last two sentences. Seems strange to me (but what do I know) that your emeritus status does not entitle you to some sort of break on for-fee campus activities. And yes, I prefer my entertainment to be without cash outlay, or at least CHEAP. 😍

Vee said...

Vanilla, I get an athletic pass for home games, as do all of the retired Nazarene ministers who live in this area, including Elvin. I don't care that much for athletic events but did go to a couple of basketball games last year. No break on concerts, lectures, or plays. I have campus email, but it gets closed down often because I don't get the notice to change my password. Once I tired of dealing with that, I quit calling to have them put it back on line. I think I probably get enough email on my home server.