Thursday, August 19, 2010


The annual Mid-America Threshing and Antique show was conducted at the Tipton County Fairgrounds this past weekend. This provided an opportunity for collectors and old machinery aficionados to get together for show and swap. The sound of steam whistles cutting the air throughout the day on Friday lured me to the fairgrounds Saturday morning. Couldn't go on Friday: too hot.

Photos: Tipton County Tribune

The steam powered stationary threshing machine brought back memories from my early childhood; for until I was five years old, we lived in a tiny Nebraska village where our house abutted a huge wheatfield. One of my earliest memories was harvest time, watching the workers bringing the sheaves to the thresher as it stood in the field behind our house, belching smoke as it did whatever it did.


Secondary Roads said...

That looks like a fun show. There is an annual steam and antique tractor show held about five miles from here. The highlight is when one of the community patriarchs brings his steam saw mill out and makes boards and sawdust out of large logs. Always a lot of fun. It bothers that some of the "antique" tractors are younger than me. That's not right.

vanilla said...

Chuck-- The biggest problem with these shows is that they are too often on a sweltering day. Can't see anything for the sweat in the eye.

Too right, people referring to stuff as "antique", stuff that had not yet been invented when I was a young man. Just annoying.