Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Trumpy Bear and Melissa

Just saw (again) the ad hawking "Trumpy Bear."  At the lines, "God bless America, and God bless Trumpy Bear," I found myself on my feet, hand over my heart as I heard the strains of the National  Anthem playing in my head.  Couldn't help myself.  Laughed maniacally.  Couldn't help myself.  Then I sobered up and realized how totally unfunny the whole thing is.

But it got me to thinking about a post I made here last November in which I explained that in good conscience I could vote for neither of the leading candidates.  Now were you to ask me after the fact who I voted for I would tell you the ballot is sacrosanct and I am not obliged to tell you.  However, of my own free will I am going to tell you anyway.  I, along with 43 of my fellow-Hoosiers voted for Melissa L. Kelly.

I think I made the wiser choice.

 With his very own certificate of authenticity; i.e., it is a real stuffed ripoff.


Grace said...

I had to look up Trumpy Bear (Sad!) as well as Melissa L. Kelly. Nice that you had that option but in important elections I find I have to vote "against' instead of 'for'. In local elections I just write in 'Mickey Mouse'..

vanilla said...

Grsce, that's what I did --voted against both of 'em.

Vee said...

Someone has figured out how to make money while at the same time irritating the dickens out of my big bro. : )

vanilla said...

Vee yes and to add to my irritation I won't get any of the proceeds.