Friday, August 11, 2017

New School Year, New Clothes

In our town, the little guys and gals are off to school this morning.  Fellas and girls alike are affecting the latest sartorial "styles."  I remember when my children were tots the challenge of getting them togged for the beginning of a new school year.  Naturally we wanted our children to be appropriately clad for the occasion, but the challenge came in the attempt to garner sufficient resources.  We managed.

Yet remembering much farther back in time I recall my own venture forth into the new thing called "school."  I faced it with much trepidation, fears soon warranted, but the one thing I was excited about was that when school started I would get to wear long pants!  No more stupid short pants that screamed "little kid."

Today, seven plus decades later, I am observing the styles.  The boys are looking thus:

Ranger shorts

And I still would not be caught dead in such attire.  (But they are emulating their daddies.)


Secondary Roads said...

I'm with you, brother. No short pants for me.

Jim Grey said...

Back in my day, sonny (i.e., the 70s and 80s), shorts were verboten in school. But the minute I got home in the warm-weather months, I ditched the slacks (through elementary school) or jeans (Mom finally relented when I reached 7th grade) and put on shorts.

I still wear shorts when it's warm. It feels like summer freedom. But now that I'm middle aged, my legs aren't as attractive as they once were. So they're mostly around-the-house or dash-to-the-drugstore clothes.

vanilla said...

Chuck, reckon it's just an old guy thing? Or perhaps it IS as I say, Saving the masses from a sorry sight they can't unsee.

Jim, lots of things change as we progress through life. Oh, wow! I see by my feed that today is a significant milepost in your life. Happy birthday!

Vee said...

Maybe a tad better than the baggy pants.