Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Wordless Wednesday (a)


Lin said...

Remember having to actually get up from the couch to turn the channel?? And it was too much effort, so we just stayed on the same channel through commercials and other stuff? And there weren't many channels to switch to anyway.

Gosh, how we suffered.

Secondary Roads said...

"Honey, what's on the TV?" "Dust." That's when the fighting started.

Grace said...

And is that BBBH ?

Ilene said...

This was back when entertainment choices were simpler, and.....How did BBBH get on that very small black and white screen?

vanilla said...

Lin, in our case, three channels for quite some time. My first "remote control" tv had a motor that turned the dial mechanically when activated by the infrared light ray. All thirteen positions on the dial (recall that there was no "1" but a "UHF" which transferred control to the other dial. Then one had to get up to turn that one. But little matter: we didn't have any UHF channels anyway. Ah, the good old days.

Chuck, funny you should mention that. Yesterday we tired of the dust and took our rags and furniture polish and put them to work.

Grace, it is BBBH and her best friend, Pat.

Ilene, simpler, and better, too. Example: I was watching an old "A-Team" episode on Cozi TV last night. In one scene Murdoch drove an auto through the doors and stone wall of a building. Building shattered to flinders, car stopped inside the lobby with nary a scratch on it. Great stuff. BBBH got into that tv the same way she got on the magazine cover in the picture she posted on her facebook timeline.