Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tipton to Ft. Myers

Yesterday we were on the road to Indy by 2:50 a.m. BBBH has flown off to Florida, Land of the Palm and the Gator. I think of Florida as the place on the southeast corner of the country that is one hundred miles wide, four hundred miles long, and a foot deep. (That's not original with me, but I heard/read it so many years ago that I cannot credit it to the author.)

And again you see how easily I can be distracted. (Ooh, shiny!)

 Indianapolis International Airport is a premiere A-number-one facility, I am told. To me, it is a huge complex of complexities populated with way too many people and more vehicles than there are people, it seems. The facility was constructed at a cost of 1.1 billion dollars and opened seven years ago this month. At that time I wrote

Appropriately opening on Veterans' Day the new airport terminal in our neck of the woods has been named the H. Weir Cook Terminal, returning a hero's name to the local transportation facility. Weir Cook, WWII flying ace and war hero from Wilkinson, Indiana, has been re-honored as he rightfully should be.

I have a small connection to Wilkinson. I lived there for a few years as my younger self while I taught the local sixth-graders. Nice community. Good people. The school building still stands, but the school no longer exists. Consolidation, you know.
Good memories.

As one stands or strolls along the people movers, he will be treated to this display

Those hot pink lights do not glow steadily, either, but put on an on-and-off display of syncopated color. wow

The check in was easy, TSA station uneventful, and my Beloved was soon on her way.  I was actually back in Tipton before her plane took off.  She arrived safely in Ft. Myers about twenty minutes ahead of schedule.  Way to go, SW!

In the afternoon under clear, blue skies and surrounded by calm, warm air, I planted the wildflowers for which I had prepped the garden.


Vee said...

Like Florida. Dislike flying. Well, not so much flying as the hassle at airports since 9-11.

Grace said...

George is off to Vermont on Friday to visit his children and I shall have 3 days on my own. I rather enjoy the first 2 but by the third day I am a little distracted. How shall you fare?

vanilla said...

Vee, flying hurts my ears. No kidding; and yes, I have tried all the "panaceas." They don't work. Fortunately, the pain subsides sometime after I'm on the ground. Or in this case, I never left the ground in the first place! No pain.

Grace, I shall persevere. Won't be nearly the fun it is when she is home, but I will manage.

Lin said...

Did you come home and post? Sheesh, that is an early hour!

Wishing JoAnn a nice vacation. And you too.

vanilla said...

Lin, thanks.