Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Whether winter, spring, or fall
Cupid lies there, bares his all
Beneath the bush, summer too
Urges all to bill and coo
Fall in love again, anew.

Summer heat or chilly blast
So long as concrete shall last
Cupid lies there in repose
Beneath bush of petite rose
No complaint of frozen nose.

It matters not to this sprite
That Fall comes with chilly night.
But as for me I am blessed
To see the bush brightly dressed
Flowers in bloom.  That's the best!


Vee said...

Cupid's work is never done. Nice poem.

Secondary Roads said...

Your poem cemented a suspicion. I always felt there was something concrete about Cupid. I thought it was just the heart, but it appears to be the bum as well.

vanilla said...

Vee, always on the job. Thanks.

Chuck, heart of stone, behind the same. How is it he can spark a flame?