Monday, November 9, 2015

Blogging in Bed

My "writing" often occurs in the wee hours of the morning as I lie abed longing to be held in the arms of Morpheus but nevertheless gratified that since the mind will not shut down usable ideas sometimes impinge themselves upon my consciousness.

Some of the material you see here on String Too Short to Tie was produced in just this manner.  Maybe the value of that is reflected in the quality of the product.  Be kind.

Thursday night a complete story, fictional but illustrative of one of life's truths, filtered through my mind and finally sleep came.

Often when I dream I can recall upon awakening that I had a dream but find it elusive when I try to remember the details or even what it was about.

Friday morning when I sat at the keyboard to transcribe the tale of the previous night I found that I remembered the story, but the quality of the thing seemed to be somewhat below the standard I hope to achieve.  Pondering on this I realized that what had occurred was a semi-sleep dreamy event in which I was actually dreaming that I was lying awake creating a blog post.

Conclusion:  The whole thing was not worthy of being posted.  Yet somehow I managed to think that this account of the events was blog worthy.  Go figure.

Also, thank me for sparing you the tale.

You're welcome.


Lin said...

Things always seem far better or worse in the wee hours. For me, I worry about things that, come morning, really have no merit. The hard part is convincing yourself to put it all off until morning for better clarity.

Vee said...

Remembering good things is hard, but probably the things you would like to forget are there in vivid detail. Technicolor yet. : )

While researching herbal teas that induce sleep, I ran across an article that claimed there is a correlation between high IQ and insomnia - that the genius in the brain just won't stop working. I had to consider the article suspect when it ended with a statement about lack of solid research but then named a "highly respected researcher" who believes that "intellectual intelligence and insomnia" are connected. He was, I'm assume, referring to people who score high on standardized IQ tests. Probably the schmo with high emotional intelligence or one of the other intelligences according to Gardner has no trouble falling asleep. But then I nitpick.

To make my comment longer that the original blog, I will quote one of my Facebook friends. She recently posted: "Don't you hate it when you're on the couch you can hardly keep your eyes open but when you go to bed you're like 'WOO!! WHO WANTS TO SWIM TO AFRICA AND BACK?!"

Vee said...

"I assume" not "I'm" assume. I went to sleep after 2:30.

Secondary Roads said...

Interesting thoughts and visions inhabit that portion of the night. They are as friendly as you want them to be, but their appearance usually changes with the dawn.

vanilla said...

Lin, which pretty much characterizes the value of worry at any hour of the day or night.

Vee, and do you have storage bins or jars for the nits you pick?

Chuck, the light of day dispels more than mere physical darkness.

Grace said...

I can relate to Vee's friend's FB post (do I have too many apostrophes?)...Love the doodle!

KC Bob said...

Love to read stuff like this v. Always happy to read about another blogger's "process".

vanilla said...

Grace, that fb post describes the process, all right. Thank you.

KC Bob, "process" varies but inspiration (?) is always welcome.