Monday, November 30, 2015

People Watching

I sit on the courtesy bench at the end of a bank of checkout lanes while BBBH studies the available stock in the supermarket.

People watching.  Young couple, mid-thirties, conducted transaction at courtesy counter.  He is perhaps 5' 5", 130.  Small man, straight nose, strong jaw, nice looking.  He is wearing a navy blue sweatshirt with Superman logo on front.  She is half-head taller than he, somewhere in the 5' 8", 5' 9" range, 180.  Indeed I am already thinking, "He must be Superman," when they are joined near the front exit by two girls, obviously their daughters.  Both, like their mother, are taller than he.  The younger one is probably eleven, the other about fourteen.

He lives with these three ladies.  Yep.   Superman!

Word of the day:  Superman.  If you think he is just the figment of some imagination, you should meet some of the people I have met!


Grace said...

Reminds me of an anecdote: Family welcomes their 4th daughter into the family. Neighbor says to father "Too bad, another girl. I've got 4 sons" Father says to neighbor "If God looks down on a family and sees it needs a man, He sends one"

Secondary Roads said...

No doubt, he is super.

vanilla said...

Grace, thanks! Great response. The only advice my dad gave me prior to my first marriage: "Don't fill up your front yard with little girls trying to get a little boy." (The first two were girls, but the next two were boys.)

Chuck, I knew I recognized him.

Lin said...

Can't even imagine. I imagine he has the patience of a saint.

I liked Grace's comment as well.

vanilla said...

Lin, I suspect he might just have that degree of patience.