Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Thanks for Asking

1.  Yes, I drew the thing.
2.  Yes, a "self-portrait."
3.  Caricature; it's a caricature.
4.  No, I did not use a mirror.
5.  No, I was not looking at a picture.
6. So then it is how I see myself.
6.  Yes, my eyes are green.
7.  But perhaps not that shade of green.
8.  The  stache is not that long. (Anymore)
9.  Would someone who knew me recognize me?

You be the judge.
(This picture is well over a year old.  I am much better looking now.)


Jono said...

Well, you answered most of my questions. I also seem to get better looking. Someone said my eyes might be failing, but I don't believe them.

Grace said...

Not the most flattering depictions of your handsome self...

Secondary Roads said...

The eyes have it. Motion carries.

vanilla said...

Jono, it is the advantage that men have over the female of the species: we improve with age. (That should light a fire-storm.)

Grace, well, better than seeing myself better than I am. Maybe.

Chuck, meaning you are moving on to something of more substance. Good motion.

Lin said...

You look surprised in the drawing....what were you looking at?

I like the eyebrows the best.

vanilla said...

Lin, I guess I was looking at the paper on which I was sketching.

Twenty years ago my Dad looked at me and asked, "Doi you dye your eyebrows?" Nope. Not then, not now. Still black; but nothing else is.

Vee said...

Are you better looking now because you have gone back to the handlebar mustache that makes you look happy? Still voting for that change.

vanilla said...

Vee, no.